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Our Vision

Food tourism is a meaningful and sustainable contributor to local economies in destinations worldwide.


Our Mission

To bridge the gap between the food & drink, and travel industries by:

  • continuing to be a global leader in food tourism destination development
  • building destination’s tastes of place by supporting agriculture, viticulture and aquaculture industries across the food tourism value chain
  • fostering stakeholder engagement and relationship building that results in new and/or enriched food tourism experiences that are mindful of the natural resources and cultures they showcase
  • seeking and encouraging partnership development that will increase capacity, leverage audiences, promote innovation and maximize resources
  • nurturing industry and consumer confidence as experts and leaders in food tourism destination development
  • promoting Ontario and Canada’s authentic tastes of place sharing our stories with pride 


Our Mandate

Operating as an independent member-driven, private sector-led, not-for-profit food tourism development organization our mandate is to:

  • Cultivate members and market their tastes of place stories 
  • Develop criteria-based accreditation for the foodservice industry to support the tastes of place 
  • Provide strategic support to grow food and agritourism 
  • Curate authentic content and experiences


The Culinary Tourism Alliance is a membership based organization. Membership is open to any destination marketing organization, sector organization, commodity group or hospitality group in Ontario. Help build our food identity by joining today! JOIN US.

Looking to get involved as a small business or event? Consider getting #FeastOn Certified!




There are no current job openings at the Culinary Tourism Alliance. Please check back again soon.