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Ontario Craft Cider Association
Discover what's on their table.

Crack open an Ontario cider for a true taste of apple country!
From the lakeside orchards on Niagara to the micro-climate grown groves of Collingwood and all the way to Prince Edward County, Ontario cider production is on the rise.

Cider is often looked at by the public as a trendy drink choice du jour, and a beverage just now gracing the taps of drinking establishments.  The reality though is that cider was the first alcoholic beverage produced and consumed in North America.

We are in the midst of cider revolution and in 2012, Ontario`s cider producers formed the Ontario Craft Cider Association (OCCA) to ensure that local cider producers exceed consumers cider expectations and to educate the public about the incredible tastes, versatility and complexities of cider.

Membership is open to all cider and perry producers in Ontario and associate memberships are open to all.

The aim of the OCCA is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to further the discussion on matters relating to cider. To encourage the sustainable production and sale of quality cider that exceeds consumer requirements for safety, transparency and traceability. To promote co-operation between members and with other associations and organisations. Most importantly, to ensure that Ontario is recognized as a centre for cider excellence and innovation.

We hope you will join us at one of our upcoming Cider Events and hope you will reach out with any cider related questions!

A perfect weekend in Ontario definitely involves a glass (or two!) of small batch craft cider on the deck or by the fire. We recommend Spirit Tree Estate Cider Apple Lager, Cranberry Apple by Thornbury Cider or anything by West Avenue Cider.

In June, make sure to add Ontario Craft Cider Week to your bucket list. With events spanning the province, it’s the best time to try cider — or perry.

City Cider is a celebration of all things apple at the Spadina Museum every autumn in Toronto.

Hosted by members the OCCA, Cider Makers Dinners are cropping up across the province, but you’re sure to find a good one at Spirit Tree Cider in Caledon.

Exploring the Region?

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