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Pining for Summer? Warm up at these Toronto Restaurants

Can we all agree that this winter has been unprecedentedly snowy and cold?

Spring is essentially here – but our cabin fever is getting fierce. Between salt crusted boots, perpetual snow storms and foot deep ice sheets covering the sidewalks in the city, we’re in serious need of sunshine soaked, warmer weather.

If you’re at all feeling this, please, thaw out at these cozy Toronto restaurants. They’re sure to turn any surly frown upside down.

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488 Wellington St W | marben.ca

Newly certified Feast On restaurant, Marben is an incredible stop to make if you’re looking to shake the salt on your boots and stay awhile. Marben boasts a warm atmosphere, friendly staff, and dishes that please the eye. Stop in for elevated British-inspired dishes and local brews. If you’re not ready to leave after dinner, head downstairs to their speakeasy for delicious cocktails at The Cloak.

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La Palma

849 Dundas St W | lapalma.ca

With it’s large windows, beautifully crafted plates, and this restaurant’s well-designed aesthetic, La Palma takes you out of the grey outdoors and into a refined, yet comforting, dining experience. From Italian comfort food to california-style favourites, this is the quality of respite you’ll need to forget about a slow-coming spring.





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Tuk Tuk Canteen

397 Roncesvalles Ave | tuktukroncy.com

This Cambodian snack bar is a bit of magic on Roncy. You immediately walk into a warm and laid-back atmosphere that takes you back to the smells of a Southeast Asian night market – fish sauce, chillies, lime, and seasoned chicken cooked in hot oil. Pair this with a warm welcome from Mike Tan, chef and owner, standing by the door in the front of house kitchen, and you’re set for a relaxing evening chatting with friends over Tuk Tuk Wings and cold beer.




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The Green Wood

1402 Queen St E | eatgreenwood.ca

What’s not to love about The Green Wood? It’s quaint, bright and the food is delicious. The veggie options are just as drool-worthy as their beef burgers, and the cocktails are great. Please, get me there stat while I wait for balmy weather.




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419 College St | quetzaltoronto.com

Looking for wood fired ovens in a modern space that’s procuring incredibly curated mexican fare? Quetzal is back and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Each dish has been crafted with a purpose to showcase the warm flavours of Mexico. We can’t wait to get back in there to experience the work their team has put into this dining opportunity.




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Yueh Tung Restaurant

126 Elizabeth St | yuehtungrestaurant.com

Yueh Tung Restaurant is an institution here in Toronto. It’s a family-run Hakka Chinese restaurant that was taken over by the Liu family some 32 -33 years ago. You’ll want to try their hakka noodles and chilli chicken for an experience that marries sweet chinese flavours with the spice and heat of India. But even more, you’ll keep coming back for the warmth and incredible dedication the Liu’s have for their customers.




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Takht-e Tavoos

1120 College St. | pomegranaterestaurant.ca

Start your day off on the right foot with a deliciously seasoned persian breakfast. Takht-e Tavoos creates a beautiful space with not only the smells of middle-eastern fare, but also grants you the chance to experience tea, from the floor, surrounded by beautiful textiles and happy patrons.

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1627 Dupont Street | FARMHOUSE Tavern

Another Feast On certified gem is FARMHOUSE Tavern, located in the Junction Triangle. FARMHOUSE is not only a welcomed pause from the tail end of winter, but its curious and kitschy, ranch-style atmosphere will take you out of the bustle of the city.  Sit down with a craft beer, a blanket and delicious local-everything food, and you’re sure to leave with a smile. And fret not, the taxidermied decor won’t bite.

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